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20 Dumb Republican Quotes Video

20 Dumb Republican Quotes: Bush, Bachmann, Beck All-Stars Video

Republicans didn't invent dumb, but they've perfected the stupid quote to an art form. Watch a few of the masters and wonder with me; "Is our children learnin'" from these guys?  George Bush, Michele Bachmann, Jerry Falwell,  Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney, Richard Nixon, Herman Cain, Glenn Beck, Mark Warden, Ed Orcutt, Ronald Reagan, Ann Coulter ... Full Article & Video

Republican Doomsday Cult A MarkFiore Cartoon

The Republican Doomsday Cult, a MarkFiore Cartoon

  Mark Fiore says,,,  Extreme times call for extreme cartoons.  When you have the Republican Speaker of the House threatening a national default, food stamps being slashed while farm subsidies are increased and an attempt to defund a program that has been in existence for four years, things have gone to crazy-land. Of course, Senator Ted Full Article & Video

It Could Have Been Worse, Video by Larry David

it could have been worse larry david

When it comes to the Republican Platform things could not be worse when it comes to freedom, liberty, inclusion or even democracy.  A Personhood Amendment, backed by the GOP, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would not only make ALL abortions for any reason illegal, it would also make much of birth control illegal.  The Republican ... Full Article & Video