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Voter Fraud Vigilantes Keeping Voters At Bay!

Voter Fraud Vigilantes Keeping Voters At Bay! Animated Cartoon Buffoons

  To hear the Republican'ts rant and rave, there is an epidemic of voter fraud!  I daresay it is nearly as prevalent as Ebola in this country. It's running a close second, anyway.  Even now as midterm results pour in, we see the results of the vigilantes hard work.   What better way to eliminate the Full Article & Video

Hot Young Women Too Stupid to Vote: Fox News

Hot Young Women Too Stupid to Vote: Fox News

If you're a 'hot, healthy young woman' the panel of Fox's 'The Five' - which includes two attractive women,advises you to "go back to Tinder or Match.com,” and stay away from the ballot box. I'm going to assume you realize what an insult this is, coming from the Fox opinion crew "The Five."  They'd also ... Full Article & Video

GOP Gone Gay, Daily Show with Al Madrigal

GOP Gone Gay, Daily Show with Al Madrigal

The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Daily Show on Facebook Jon Stewart's Daily Show presents: Democalypse 2014 with Al Madrigal. Republicans have figured out that their time is wasted laboring in the fields of Hispanic vote gathering, that is why they're cutting their losses and moving on to what they hope Full Article & Video

Massage by two clowns is too many clowns

two clowns massage

In fact two clowns is too many clowns for most anything other than a circus or a Republican Primary debate. Most every 4 years the GOP puts one really really silly African American clown up on their Republican Primary debate stages. Last year it was Herman Cain replacing Alan Keyes. This year the GOP has settled Full Article & Video

Idaho Republican debate, Helen Chenoweth and Stephen Colbert

Idaho Republicans

The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,The Colbert Report on Facebook,Video Archive Idaho. Republicans. Bragging about illegally shooting endangered species, celebrating anti-Semitism, racism and gun violence. Though the Biker racist anti-Semite candidate does like gays, so I have to give him that. So where is the Democrat counterpart to our endless national stream of Full Article & Video

New Rules Bill Maher, disappearing middle class, April 4 2014

New Rules Bill Maher, disappearing middle class, April 4 2014

Tiffany's and the Dollar Stores are doing great, Sears, Penny's and Macy's are barely hanging on. The Republicans fight against union organizing, food stamps, the minimum wage, unemployment compensation and giving billionaires more power over out elections. While Republican Paul Ryan presents his budget to reduce taxes on the wealthy, remove the safety net and turn Full Article & Video

Jimmy Kimmel’s Confused Question Blends: Hollywood, President Obama & Ending Government Shutdown

Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel's Confused Question juxtaposed President Obama, the government shutdown and the end of that shutdown, and in no way made sense - or did it? "Do you think it's right that President Obama refuses to end the government shutdown until the government shutdown ends?" This was a head-scratcher for many - who then pronounced it Full Article & Video