Knives illegal assault rifles legal

Knives illegal assault rifles legal

So how safe to you feel walking into a strip mall with crazy looking fat old men with beards, dressed in camo, sunglasses, ammunition bandoleers and assault rifles at the ready, I would guess about as safe as those in the Pentagon feel who are calling for these gun enthusiasts to stand down.

The thing the NRA and all the gun enthusiasts get wrong is “THE DROP.” You can take most any instance, movie theaters, schools, restaurants, or you bedroom but let’s just take the most recent one in Lafayette, Louisiana as an example.

[Forget for a minute the guy with the gun in the movie theater who shot and killed the man in front of him for talking too loud.]

Rick Perry, the NRA, and gun enthusiasts says we need to take our guns into movie theaters to stop this kind of thing from happening. But you know, no matter if everyone had a gun in that theater, the result would have been the same, the guy had THE DROP on the people there, as have all mass shooters, and in three seconds this Republican activist shot 11 people before anyone with a gun could have stopped it.

And even with THE DROP aside, imagine half a dozen gun enthusiasts in a crowded movie theater shooting at a shooter from half a dozen directions.

Every gun murder and mass shooting is done by A GUN ENTHUSIAST.

And nothing will change, it is our exceptional violent nature.

CNN Expert & Rick Perry Let’s Take Our Guns to the Movies!

CNN: Expert & Rick Perry Let's Take Our Guns to the Movies!

Legal expert and concealed carry advocate Philip Holloway appeared on CNN to share his views on the recent theater shooting. I’ll bet you know what’s coming next. Holloway and Rick Perry share the view that making theaters “gun free zones” is not the answer. Speaking of Rick Perry, seen pictured with his gun, would you feel safer knowing this man is in a theater with you? The expression on the face of the man in the background says it all.

Lest you think this interview  is a waste of time,  you’ll pick up some dandy tips from Holloway. Holloway believes it is possible to stop the next theater shooter with bullets fired into a densely populated, darkened space.  Alternately, metal detectors could be installed at theaters, but Holloway and his fellows do not feel the method is worth consideration.

If you’re old enough to remember that catchy intermission jingle, “Let’s all go the the lobby and get ourselves a treat” is changing with the times. “Let’s all go the the movies, and bring along your guns!”  Of course you could  stay home until lawmakers and/or theater owners decide that one showing of “Shoot out at the OK Corral” is one too many.

Rick Perry: Charleston ‘Accident’ About Drugs, Not Gun Violence, Racism

Rick Perry: Charleston 'Accident' About Drugs, Not Gun Violence, Racism

In this interview Rick Perry calls the Charleston shootings an ‘accident’ caused by drugs, and furthermore accuses President Obama of exploiting the situation! According to Rick ‘Quick Draw’ Perry, President Obama gave into his “knee-jerk” reaction to blame the guns. According to Perry, “Anytime there is an ‘accident’  like this – the President’s clear. He doesn’t like for Americans to have guns.”Perry further claimed; ‘Every time there’s an issue like this, he uses the opportunity to parrot this message.”  Gosh, maybe it just seems that way Rick, because we have so gosh derned many gun ‘accidents’ in this country?  Sadly, Governor Perry is misinformed (or misinforming)  and Obama clearly isn’t planning to grab any guns.

Perry did veer from the official conservative spin, and with reality both. Immediately the official deduction on the Right, was to protest labeling the shooting as a hate crime. .Perry agrees so far. Where Perry and the others split, is on the accepted Christian Persecution theory. Regardless of Dylann Storm Root’s stated racism and hatred,  they cling to the old wooden persecution.  Perry’s theory names drugs  as the culprit. In other words, we have to blame anything but racism or a mad, bad crazy gun culture.

Perry’s stated reason truly flies beyond the bounds of reality.  The shooter is not known to be on any drugs for pain, but Perry took a moment to hammer another nail in the coffin of pain sufferers nation-wide and tied it in with the Veteran’s Administration!  Perry scored a double whammy by accusing VA doctors of ‘handing out’ massive amounts of opiods…Which isn’t true That didn’t stop Perry from sticking his foot in it further. Perry claimed that because of the opiates in abundance, our returned troops, suffering from horrible physical injuries, aren’t up and working in jobs – preferring to kick back and take pain killers. Keep ’em in pain, that’ll motivate ’em!

But – even if Perry’s accusations were true, is Dylann Storm Root a veteran? Is he on drugs? Would it matter?!
This is the kind of leap and  word salad we expect from Perry and Palin, but what a disservice he’s doing to veterans and other Americans in pain. Far from being handed out, pain killers are nearly impossible to obtain, thanks to the war on drugs.

I’ve heard of hopeless pain sufferers taking themselves out with a gun;  but I’ve yet to hear of one taking a church full of worshipers out, and cleverly disguising it as racial hatred.