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Will ‘Weather Weapon’ Tornado Theory End GOP Indulgence of Alex Jone’s Conspiracy Fringe? Rachel Maddow


Rachel Maddow makes a fascinating and bone-chilling report on the latest ridiculous conspiracy theory from Alex Jones Infowars enthusiasts that the Moore, Oklahoma tornado was the product of a U.S. government "weather weapon," and implores Republicans who indulge Alex Jones-style conspiracy theories in Congress to finally write off this portion of their base. If you're not Full Article & Video

NRA family dinner, Szep Cartoon

nra family dinner

I picked this on for how well the faces represent the inner beauty of gunnuttery. It would be so easy for the NRA to save itself and the GOP by just giving that inch to assault rifles, extended clips and background checks for all sales. Just simple common sense. But they won't because their insides look Full Article & Video