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Bristol Palin describes Palin drunken brawl

Bristol Palin talks drunken brawl

Now this is a story worth a THIS JUST IN before the Florida governors debate. But I must say it was the first time I saw anything on cable that was not about shitting our pants over Ebola and ISIS.  What NEWS!  People get drunk at Alaska snowmobile parties! Who would have guessed? This Palin drunken Full Article & Video

Where’s the video of the Palins Melee?

palin melee no video

If you have not been around reading comments to this story at various websites, the Republican defense of the Palin family is based wholly upon there being no video. After all, everyone has a video phone. So obviously this all made up by the Lamestream Media. There is something to that these days what with ... Full Article & Video

Palin Family Fists Fly in Drunken Brawl Saturday Night

Palin Family Fists Fly in Saturday Night Brawl

Sarah Palin's entire family spent a wholesome Saturday night together at the Iron Dog Snowmobile party, which quickly turned into an ugly drunken brawl. A heated request was subsequently made to the former vice presidential candidate's family, to leave the premises...And here's the rest of the story,  which proves the Battlin' Brannigans don't hold a ... Full Article & Video

The Sarah Palin TV NEWS channel, REALLY!

The Sarah Palin NEWS channel

“Tired of media filters? Well, so am I. So, let’s go rogue together and launch our own member-supported channel! This will be OUR channel, for you and for me, and we’ll all get to call it like it is.” Sarah Palin on her new subscription TV channel. News channel!  Hilarious. So Sister Sarah joins Glenn Beck Full Article & Video

Sarah Palin on Tonight Show, Shares Vodka, Music with Putin

Sarah Palin on Tonight Show, Talks on phone, Shares Vodka, Music with Putin

When Sarah Palin and Vladimir Putin discuss international relations by phone, it's a  magical, mystical meeting with the international language  of music and vodka. Some often complain that late night or "Left leaning' hosts are unfair to right wing political figures...And tonight should change their opinion, pronto!  In a cleverly scripted sketch,Sarah Palin and Vladimir ... Full Article & Video

Sarah Palin: on International Relations & Tips

Sarah Palin: On International Relations & Tips. Comedian Julie Brown

"Sarah Palin: Righteous for the Wrong Reasons"  Comedian Julie Brown. Like Putin, Sarah Palin is rearing her head once again.  This comment is assured to get fans riled up. When "libtards" mention Sarah saying that she can see Putin 'rearing his head' from her back yard, Palin fans go apoplectic reminding us that SNL made ... Full Article & Video