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SNL: Xanax for Gay Summer Weddings

snl xanax gay

This certainly will be the year for Gay Summer Weddings!  12 States, with the biggest, California soon to join. I am waiting for Texas to join in to give gay couples equal rights under the law.  Well maybe for my grand children or my Great Great Great Grandchildren. Of course you know why this issue moved Full Article & Video

SNL COLD OPEN, Super Bowl Blackout, Feb 9 2013

snl super bowl blackout

I love this. I am a fair to good sports fan and a crazy Packer Cheese Head, but I have always had trouble with sports announcers blathering on and on with their mundane meaningless trivial sports CRAP. In fact I find what these guys say in parody more meaningful than the real thing.  So hear! ... Full Article & Video