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SNL’s Kate McKinnon Reenacts Jeff Session’s Senate Testimony – Seth Meyers

SNL's Kate McKinnon Reenacts Jeff Session's Senate Testimony - Seth Meyers

Kate McKinnon is on hiatus from SNL, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t keeping abreast of the people she imitates from Donald Trump’s administration. Seth Meyers prompts McKinnon to chose between Kellyanne Conway and Jeff Sessions. Beauregard  comes out the clear favorite, but largely because of a peculiar physical ability which enables McKinnon to impersonate…

SNL OPEN: Trump cast goodbye Hallelujah

SNL OPEN: Trump cast goodbye Hallelujah

“I didn’t do anything wrong. But I can’t speak for these people.” The greatest day for Republicans since the inauguration, Donald Trump has gone one full 24 hour period without saying or tweeting one dumbass thing! y sources at the White House have told me that things are looking up. Everyone there, including the Senate,…