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SNL Cold Open: Obama and McConnell get drunk

SNL obama and mcconnell get drunk

What's the message here?  If I ain't mistakin' it's that color has no boundaries when it comes to women putting a stop to having fun. My immediate hope is that the President will pound on a big bass drum and give the Republicans the finger as he signs the executive order to give temporary work permits Full Article & Video

SNL: Woody Harrelson and Crack

woody harrelson and crack

Ah, the good old daze...  What was so good about them?  There used to be more crime, poverty, racism, intolerance, head injuries, hunger, illness, death, bigotry and nothing on TV. My only complaint these days are the cell phones. That we must all know where everyone is and what they are doing every minute of every Full Article & Video

SNL Cold Open, Chris Christie is an asshole

snl chris christie is an asshole

Well so much for President Christie.  This one will make the DNC collage of these things last an hour in their ads. Jeb Bush is said to be thinking about it now but the feedback from the GOP is it's such a bad idea he won't get any funding. He supports Common Core and comprehensive immigration, Full Article & Video

SNL: Blacks discuss Obama

SNL: Blacks discuss Obama

African American support for President Obama has dropped 7 points, it is now down to 92% support. If we add white people to that he is down to 40% approval. In 2008 I was a die hard Hillary fan. Took my family to the local Democrat caucus here to push Hillary. With two kids voting for Full Article & Video

SNL Cold Open: Obama and his Ebola Czar

obama ebola czar

What is so very strange about all this is that the right-wing swill circut was screaming for an Ebola czar even though they hate Obama Czars even more than the real Czars of the past. And now that Obama has sucked up to them they are now kicking his ass for appointing on. And 60% ... Full Article & Video

Stefon Returns to SNL Weekend Update

 Stefon Returns to SNL Weekend Update

Bill Hader returns to SNL's Weekend Update desk as Stefon the unparalleled 'City Correspondent.' In his first return appearance since leaving the SNL cast, Hader - or Stefon, is greeted by new Weekend Update hosts, Michael Che and Colin Jost - or "Mmmm...One of each" as Stefon quips delightedly. No one is more qualified than Stefon Full Article & Video

SNL: Whites, Calling the shots until 2050

SNL Whites own the world

It's what the guns are for As we are finding out here in Texas, this really doesn't much matter, THEY don't vote and those who want to we find ways of keeping them from voting. As do all Republican held state legislatures and governors. That will of course change after President Clinton replaces a couple Supreme Full Article & Video