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SNL: A Very Cuban Christmas

A cuban christmas

Got milk? The majority of Americans, and the majority of Cuban Americans, and all 12 million Cubans are for dropping the 50 years of sanctions and trade embargo against Cuba. I would guess so goes the United Nations and the whole world except for Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, the Republican Party and those 200 or so Full Article & Video

SNL: The Office in Middle Earth

The Office in middle earth

The Hobbit returns with Dildo Baggins! You know, Middle Earth and the office go together like Dick Cheney and Ellen. Like Barack Obama and Michele Bachmann. Like white cops and black men. Like Sarah Palin and Elizabeth Warren. Like Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz. Like The Pope and Ted Nugent. Ah yes, the mundane cubicle culture Full Article & Video

SNL: Long Line of Wedding Objections

SNL Wedding objections

Very long line of wedding objections. All of them quite valid. Love is like evolution and climate change denial; logic, reason, facts, science and common sense don't enter into it. Evelyn steals the show!  The best thing about SNL, Kate McKinnon, will not last too much longer as I am sure she will be leaving for Full Article & Video

SNL: Star Wars Geriatric Episode

SNL: Star Wars Geriatric episode

Gotta love the no scratch collar on Chewy. And the laser walker! Have you heard about the big Brouhaha over the new Star Wars trailer rendition of the light saber? OMG, it has light saber juice coming out the ends of the sword hilt! Someone could get seriously hurt. Star War fans are upset. Star Trek Full Article & Video

SNL Cold Open: Al Sharpton is Black

SNL Al Sharpton Cold Open

"They are only 12% of the population so who the Hell cares." Charles Barkley's pal Rush Limbaugh on African Americans Spot on voice of Al Sharpton.  I know because I recently forced myself to watch four hour long segments of POLITICS NATION this week to see if I could figure out why white people hate him Full Article & Video

SNL Cold Open: Obama and McConnell get drunk

SNL obama and mcconnell get drunk

What's the message here?  If I ain't mistakin' it's that color has no boundaries when it comes to women putting a stop to having fun. My immediate hope is that the President will pound on a big bass drum and give the Republicans the finger as he signs the executive order to give temporary work permits Full Article & Video

SNL: Woody Harrelson and Crack

woody harrelson and crack

Ah, the good old daze...  What was so good about them?  There used to be more crime, poverty, racism, intolerance, head injuries, hunger, illness, death, bigotry and nothing on TV. My only complaint these days are the cell phones. That we must all know where everyone is and what they are doing every minute of every Full Article & Video