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SNL Weekend Update, The Ebola Girl

SNL, Ebola girl

Most Americans only use 10% of my brain. This season's SNL Weekend Update we find Michael Che replacing Cecily Strong. This leaves Ms Strong to play comic characters rather than her old straight man part. Hey what a fine job channeling Emily Letalla! Also a good female counterpart to Drunk Uncle. Full Article & Video

SNL: Michael Sam Kissing Skit

snl Michael Sam Kissing skit

Season Finale SNL Skit making fun of the bigotry surrounding the NFL Michael Sam kiss with cameos by old cast members Maya Rudolph, Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader and Fred Armisen. You know, what can be said about the Michael Sam kiss other than the Christian bigotry and intolerance decrying it? Full Article & Video

SNL: CNN Pregnancy test

snl, cnn pregnancy test

How could any news organization exist with just YES or NO?  Hmmm... They pretty much did that in television from 1946 well into the 1960's.  The only news was on the networks and lasted 15 minutes a day. It was also non profit, supported by entertainment programing. How did anyone Full Article & Video

SNL: Hobo Sperm Bank with Ed Rogan

hobo sperm bank

Is there a bag lady egg bank I wonder? Be careful of the yogurt. I have always been suspicious. If you were to collect all the semen from the floor under bedroom computer desks would it fill an Olympic pool?  Lake Superior? Or the Pacific Ocean? Isn't there already a Full Article & Video

SNL: Al Sharpton FBI Undercover

al sharpton fbi undercover

What do the three most hated men in America - Barack Obama, Al Sharpton and Eric Holder have in common? Why is Al Sharpton under the GOP gun for acting like a Law and Order Republican?  Why is helping to bring down the mafia a bad thing? I watch Al Full Article & Video