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New rules Bill Maher, We be the Rebs Now, Sept 15 2017

New rules Bill Maher, We be the Rebs Now, Sept 15 2017

Bill Maher channels racist southerner Bull Conner to push the new STATES RIGHT’S agenda from the left. Funny as hell, should go viral. Multiculturalism taday, Multiculturalism tommara, Multiculturalism foever! Good people don’t smoke marijuana? No, what with the rural vote for a bigoted narcissist buffoon.. Good people do meth and opiates.

Trump Administration, Sylvester in the Tweety Cage

. No qualms about it, no hiding it, it’s there full frontal with most every appointment by The Donald going to those who rabidly want to destroy the department they are going to head. To what end? States Rights today! States Rights tomorrow! States Rights forever! You know, the destruction of the federal government so…

Bill Maher, Trickling down the states, July 1 2016

In California we raised taxes on the wealthy and business is booming, we just passed India and France to become the 6th largest economy in the world, and soon to be the 5th, thanks England! Problem is, Kansas, Louisiana, 30 other states and the Republican party slash taxes on the wealthy and corporations, go into…