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Stephen Colbert interviews Dragon Smaug

Stephen Colbert interview smaug

Kelsey Grammer and I are always up for the same parts. Like any good  Libertarian Smaug wants to return to the Gold standard and supports Rand Paul for President in 2016. Smaug may kill and shoot unarmed dwarves but he doesn't torture. It's the lying liberal media that plays him for a bad guy. And hey, Full Article & Video

Stephen Colbert THANKS THE NAZIS!

thank the NAZIS, Stephen Colbert

"Thank you NAZIS!" Stephen Colbert daring his enemies to use the quote and video to destroy him. Thank you NAZIS for the 420 to ZERO vote in Congress to bring us all together by denying NAZIS Social Security checks! Who says congress can't agree on anything? Which of course begs the question... Why WERE we paying Full Article & Video