Colbert Report: Nude Strip club Night Moves fights for the Art of the Tax Free Dance

Colbert, is stripping art?I think the gay arts columnist says it best.  Even bad art is art.  I believe art is something we all define in our own way, much like we do with religion. To me art is something that not only creates talk and controversy, but something that each individual sees differently.  An example is my recent read to Catcher in they Rye. When I read it in high school it was about some loser kid who wore a stupid hat.  Now I see Holden Caufield as a metaphor for Jesus. Kindness and compassion sends a kid to the funny farm rather than the cross. I have yet to find anyone else who sees it the same way, but then again I haven’t found anyone who reads books like that anymore to discuss it with.

Daily Show News Team suffer heat, strippers and giant cockroaches in Tampa

Here in Houston I find no sympathy. Whatever they have there it’s worse here with the add dimension of bullets flying hither and yon.

palmetto bugs, or water bugs are just nice sounding names for giant fly in your hair cockroaches. We in the South deal with them on an almost daily basis in our homes. We also have to deal most daily with fire ants outside out homes. It’s what the guns are for.

We don’t have any so called strip strip. In Houston our strip clubs are evenly spread out so we can all get to one in a few minutes.

As John Oliver mentions, why the people in Tampa are happier than those in Houston even for the muggy heat, expensive strip clubs, and giant insects is the Meth.

INFO: At the Daily Show and Colbet Report websites, one is now forced to watch a full screen popup video before entering and then the same video forced once again embedded in the video. VIACOM.  Remember that, VIACOM.

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Republican Porn Star Jenna Jameson endoreses Mitt Romney! Funny or Die

Porn star Ms Jameson’s political ideology is simple, clear and right on the money.  Too bad the non wealthy cannot see it as clearly.  But once the complicated haze of invisible sky creatures, becoming a millionaire next year, and being white it all becomes a complicated muddle for the dull and dim.

I have to wonder if Jenna is schedualed for appearences in Tampa in a few weeks for the Republican Convention. Strip clubs across the nation have told their counterparts in Tampa that there is three times the money and patronage by Republicans at these conventions than Democrats. The Tampa Strip clubs are now in the process of erecting enclosed tents for limos to drop off their Republican patrons.

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