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SOTU, Obamacare & GOP Strategy Revealed! Susie Sampson

SOTU, Obamacare & GOP Strategy Revealed! Susie Sampson

Susie Sampson reviews the State of the Union address, and reveals the Republican strategy that Cathy McMorris Rodgers referenced in her State of the Union rebuttal when she said..."Republicans have plans."  But first, one of McMorris-Rodger's key issues was Obamacare, and McMorris-Rodger's speech took the scourge of Obamacare down to a personal level with 'Bette' ... Full Article & Video

Troublemakers: Obama & Christie Pallin’ Around New Jersey. McCain in Syria? Cardinals! TeaPartyReport Humor

Troublemakers: Obama & Christie Pallin

Aw C'mon, are public displays of affection really necessary President Obama and Governor Christie?! Walking arm in arm, looking into one another s  eyes and holding a real conversation. No wonder their working relationship is being called a "bromance" on Fox News. Forty years ago the same civility between people from different parties, would have been Full Article & Video