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Ugly Republicans on Immigration, Jon Stewart

Ugly Republicans on Immigration

The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive What the f*** is wrong with you, these are children Character matters is what's wrong. It's the same lack of character that drove the segregationists in the 50's and 60's to show their ugly side toward African American children. The Full Article & Video

Republican Lenar Whitney makes a fool of Lenar Whitney, Global Warming Hoax

Lenar Whitney global warming hoax

“A specter is haunting America. It is perhaps the greatest deception in the history of mankind.” Congressional Louisiana Republican candidate Lenar Whitney on the hoax of Global Warming. Of course all Republican candidates in these Tea Party years must bring the issues down to the intellectual level of the Southern Republican Base. Though as a Southerner Full Article & Video

Government is the problem, assault rifles are the solution, Bagley cartoon

assault rifles are the answer

More Americans have died at the hands of radical, anti-government Americans since 9/11 than because of Islamic jihadist terrorism Take our country back!  The Constitution! Freedom and liberty for White, English speaking, heterosexual non pregnant women! YOU should never lose track of WHAT THE GUNS ARE FOR.  These so called people seem to consumed with Barack Full Article & Video