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Daily Show Latino Al Madrigal, Hillary and Cuban Elites

Al Madrigal Hillary Clinton amnesty

"Giving a major immigration speech in the adult information room of a public library, she figured, hey if this good enough for homeless people to masturbate in, it's a good enough place to pander to Latinos," Al Madrigal on Hillary Clinton's historic speech to hand out almost as much amnesty as Ronald Reagan once did. Full Article & Video

Presenting the Humble Ted Cruz

Presenting the Humble Ted Cruz

"in college he was a superstar, he was national debate champion, he was world champion, I think it went to his head, now he seems way more grounded, if that's possible." Rob Marks a liberal but old debating opponent of Cruz from the Princeton days who also added, "Living in a Ted Cruz world would ... Full Article & Video

Birthers and Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz born in Canada birthers

So who is the head of the Birthers anyway, oh yeah, Donald Trump, who just the other day canceled his hit show Celebrity Apprentice which sure makes it seem that this time he really is going to make a run for it. Full Article & Video