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Six things the media should ask Ted Cruz

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“ISIS is executing homosexuals – you want to talk about gay rights, this week was a very bad week for gay rights because the expansion of ISIS, the expansion of radical, theocratic, Islamic zealots that crucify Christians, that behead children and that murder homosexuals – that ought to be concerning you far more than asking ... Full Article & Video

Daily Show Latino Al Madrigal, Hillary and Cuban Elites

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"Giving a major immigration speech in the adult information room of a public library, she figured, hey if this good enough for homeless people to masturbate in, it's a good enough place to pander to Latinos," Al Madrigal on Hillary Clinton's historic speech to hand out almost as much amnesty as Ronald Reagan once did. Full Article & Video

Presenting the Humble Ted Cruz

Presenting the Humble Ted Cruz

"in college he was a superstar, he was national debate champion, he was world champion, I think it went to his head, now he seems way more grounded, if that's possible." Rob Marks a liberal but old debating opponent of Cruz from the Princeton days who also added, "Living in a Ted Cruz world would ... Full Article & Video