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Hipster Pilgrims The Gentrifigiving of Taco Tuesday

Hipster Pilgrims The Gentrifigiving or Taco Tuesday

Color TV Comedy cleverly spins the story of the first Thanksgiving, and how it relates to the current day. You see, Gentrifigiving all began when affluent Hipsters landed on Eagle Rock. Hold on a minute - that's not exactly right.  Actually, it's been happening ever since the Pilgrims landed on that other famous rock. The ... Full Article & Video

Fallon Hashtags: Thanksgiving Fail

Fallon Hashtags: Thanksgiving Fail

With Turkey Day fast approaching, Jimmy Fallon reads his favorite tweets with the hashtag #ThanksgivingFail. It strikes me that it's incorrect to call these incidents 'fails.' They are often the stuff of fond memory...From a safe distance of time. I know that no one will forget the Year of the Flaming Turkey at my house. Please Full Article & Video

Thanksgiving, Turkey Revenge, FOD

turkey revenge

Gobble, Gobble Gobble, Republicans on Vacation The climb up the Temple of the Sun was wearying, and hot. The Chiapas sun had finally burned through the hanging mist on the East side of the mountain leaving the Runias de Palenque speckled with the bright clothing of visitors from the world over. They dotted the stairways and Full Article & Video