The circus, the elephant cleans up after the pigleader

The circus, the elephant cleans up after the pigleader

OMG! Call Fox News!  Get Matt Drudge on the line! Email Rush Limbaugh! Liberal cartoonist Tom Toles has portrayed Kellyanne Conway as a fat elephant! We all know how Trump and his supporters love political incorrectness when it goes out, but implode when it comes in. Call the word police!  The internet cops! SHUT IT DOWN! Tom Toles says it like it is!

The Drudge Report poll shows Trump  won the debate 5 to 1!  And his surrogates are going with that. Much like a poll on David Duke from the NAACP.

Iraq War 3, Toles cartoon

Iraq War 3

After 911 we called it the FOREVER WAR, Mr Toles calls it the PERMANENT WAR, but in reality it is IRAQ WAR 3.  When will we ever learn, when we will ever learn…  What gets me is how we still play right into their hands.

But whether we call it the Forever War, the Permanent War or Iraq War 3, it’s a war of RELIGION.  Where anything can be rationalized and done in the name of imagined supernatural deities in the firmament. And why is that? Fear. Which leads to anger, which leads to violence. And you never ask questions when God’s on your side…

One thing we have to give ISIS is that they are accomplishing with only two dead Americans what al Qaeda accomplished with 2800 dead Americans. A savings of 2798 American lives.

So I wonder how our retaliation will go considering all the civilian women, children and hospitals and schools we will be destroying. I am sure that will help settle things down.  I have an idea.  GET THE FK OUT OF THAT HELLHOLE OF SAND, RUBLE AND DARK AGE MENTALITY ONCE AND FOR ALL. Let’s see what happens. If ISIS gets into Jordan and takes Damascus,I have a pretty good idea who will step up to the plate and perhaps settle this entire problem in about… Hmmm… SIX DAYS.