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Bill Maher says there are more vulgar tacky racists than we thought!

“Donald Trump is a reflection, and what we learned is that there’s a lot of vulgar, tacky, racist people in this country, more than I thought. I knew there were some, but it’s the proverbial lifting up of a rock. And what we found when we lifted it up was a basket of deplorables. It’s not even a race between ideologies anymore. It’s not Republican and Democrat or conservative and liberal. It’s reality versus alternative reality.” And of course it is lucky for all of us that Hillary Clinton is not an atheist for if she were, President Trump would have the strongest mandate FOR CHANGE in history taking all 50 states and all electoral votes. For 25 years here my biggest complaint has been that the media’s biggest fail is to not understand how many vulgar, tacky, racist, gun wielding nitwits there are out there.  We now find they are between 30% and 40% of us.  About 80 million people. Why have I and so many liberal white males like me so ahead of even Bill Maher on that?  Because unlike LA resident Bill Maher, we live 24/7 in the midst of it. Sure Maher visits every state on his standup tours, but to audiences that are 100% liberal and on his side even in Mississippi, Alabama and Idaho/Wyoming. Okay, I suppose not in Idaho and Wyoming where there are not enough people to fill a theater and the only black people they ever are on TV. We few white liberals in the solid red states have learned to avoid politics and religion at work and play, we have learned that when they do bring it up to either shake our keyes or point in the air with a “is that the blimp!?” to distract them. With a big Trump defeat on the horizon the political issue from too many liberal politicians is how best to reach out to so many detestable people and bring them on board to get things done. Good luck with that, because to get anywhere at all we will need to first:

Build The Great Wall of America which will accomplish nothing other than making another scar of division on