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Stupid George W Bush Photoshops

Stupid George W Bush Photoshops

"Bring unto me the little children and I will put down my gun long enough to beat the crap out of them." Jesus of America This collage of photoshopped politicians goes beyond George W Bush and the GOP to include a few extremely hated Democrats like Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Hillary Full Article & Video

Jon Stewart gives NFL the finger, Ray Rice

jon stewart givies NFL the finger

Video killed the radio sports star. Oh oh, Spavideos... I wonder when Google Glass becomes the norm if everything will be on video? One thing is a sure bet though, if we were to see it all I would guess the most prevalent videos will  be of "Lady Butts Walking." I have been enjoying all the Full Article & Video

Gun Monkeys, FOD

apes with guns

Gun monkeys the world over. But that is not the gist of this. Rather it is the celebration of gun monkeys the world over. And the laughs we get from it. Have I fallen into a better descriptive name for Gun Enthusiasts?  Oh no!  Could be! Gun Monkeys. Full Article & Video

Quentin Tarantino is a Creep

ahole tarantino

I admit I do not like Tarantino movies. Well I did like Dusk to Dawn for it's making fun of violence. Oh, and Jackie Brown which had minimal violence! He came to prominence as a video store clerk. Ah, so what.  What did it for me was watching an interview much like this some years ago, Full Article & Video

Fox News Fear, Bagley cartoon

fox news fear pat bagley

This is the channel of Republicans and American Christianity. It is about as diviagra soft tabssgusting as things get on TV. You want to curtail violence by censorship of games, movies and TV shows? Start with this gun promoting, violence defending, war loving, Christian corrupting, hate filled gang of intolerant bigots. THEN let's talk about ... Full Article & Video