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The Voter Suppression Argument

Voter suppression argument

The Republican majority on the Supreme Court last week allowed Texas to keep their voter suppression laws intact for the coming election in two weeks.  In Wisconsin the same Supreme Court held against the laws until after the coming election by refusing to hear it. Why, I don't know... But it does not matter a ... Full Article & Video

Lewis Black Says F#%! Voter Suppression

Lewis Black Says F#%! Voter Suppression

At a photo shoot with ACLU’s Voting Rights Project Director Dale Ho,  ACLU voting rights ambassador and comedian Lewis Black gets extremely f#%!in’ tired of politicians trying to deny people the right to vote. But - isn't it illegal to deny people the right to vote? It is, but they still try - and sometimes ... Full Article & Video

Republicans leave a skid marks on Democracy, Lukovich cartoon

Republican stain democracy

Have you noticed how rarely you hear a Republican refer to "democracy". In fact the word "republican" means representative government rather than a democratic government. Even The Constitution shuns democracy in the organization of the Senate. Putting the basis of this political cartoon - Republican voter suppression - aside, please understand that the Tea Party leaders Full Article & Video

Warning From The Greatest Generation About Voter Suppression Listen UP! (SFW)

Greatest Generation warns Republicans  against voter suppression and felony poor sportsmanship in no uncertain terms.!

They're our grandmothers and grandfathers, great-aunts and uncles, beloved counselors, kindly neighbors. They are the Greatest Generation. And, this election season, they've got some knowledge to drop.  They've banded together to world wars, done without and bounced back. They're resourceful and tough, and if we sit by watching the Republicans steal this election...Well, I hate ... Full Article & Video

Bullets easier to get than ballots, Toles

more bullets than ballots

What with Republican voter suppression laws, assault rifles are easier to get than to vote. 40% of guns are bought at gun shows with no checks or IDs. And because of the media and politicians fear of Wayne La Pierre, Ted Nugent and the NRA - even after mass shooting - we are not allowed to Full Article & Video