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Christmas with Bill O’Reilly, FOD

bill oreilly is an ahole

What is so profound about this and the Bill O'Reilly / Fox News War on Christmas, is how it is tangled up in the 47% of moochers who want free stuff. Or as Billo put it, "women and minorities feel they are entitled to things and free stuff." I have a question for this ahole... ... Full Article & Video

Fox News Fear, Bagley cartoon

fox news fear pat bagley

This is the channel of Republicans and American Christianity. It is about as diviagra soft tabssgusting as things get on TV. You want to curtail violence by censorship of games, movies and TV shows? Start with this gun promoting, violence defending, war loving, Christian corrupting, hate filled gang of intolerant bigots. THEN let's talk about ... Full Article & Video

FOX "News" Reacts to Scandalous & Profane Urban Outfitters Christmas Catalog!

FOX and Million MAD Moms say Urban Outfitters Christmas Catalog is filled with F Bombs!   F*cking Awesome!    The War on Christmas just got dirty

More News from the ongoing War on Christmas!  Christmas is under attack,  and the battle continues from many frongeneric levitra onlinets.  According to Fox 'News' 'F-bombs' are falling everywhere, so cover your ears and heads!  Fox 'News' has made it their business to hunt down every  infiltration on Christmas by secular dirtbags. They are never  ... Full Article & Video