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NRA: Jihadi Rifle Association. Cartoon Video

NRA: Jihadi Rifle Association.  Cartoon Video

Remember kids: "The NRA is NOT a Jihadi organization. Follow them with all of your heart." Thank goodness we don't live in a crazy Jihadi country where violence, lawlessness and retribution combine with a paranoid doctrine to make our environment unsafe, and to limit the freedom of everyone! What a horrible place it would be if Full Article & Video

NRA Wayne Lapierre is crying bullets, Day cartoon

wayne lapierre cries bullets

Perhaps the most despicable man in present day politics, NRA spokesman Wayne LaPierre cries bullets over yet another massacre by a paranoid gun enthusiast. The problem is threefold.  First is the profoundly easy access to guns in America. Secondly is the celebration of our violent gun culture. And last but not least, the paranoid gun enthusiasts Full Article & Video

New York Daily News BLASTS Wayne LaPierre and the NRA

assault rifes are fun for everyone

Wow! When a Rupert Murdoch publication known for it's conservative views gives the hardest slam on the NRA since the Aurora shootings must mean perhaps this one may actually cause some changes having Right-wing gunloons control of American politics. Perhaps Jesus in not in the NRA as presumed? Perhaps promoting the celebration of assault rifles ... Full Article & Video