Tea Party Report: Susie interviews a liberal immigrant Cenk Uygur!


It’s time for a report from the Tea Party front lines with intrepid reporter Susie Sampson! Says Susie of her interview today:
“I sat down with the liberal immigrant, Cenk Uygur from “The Young Turks,” and discussed some of the recent issues facin’ our country. We had never met and don’t see eye to eye on much but he did love my marry-age (pronounce it with a french accent!) idea.”

I’m excited to reveal Susie’s latest slogan for Mitt Romney today. Keep in mind that conservatives who view her site believe it is a sign that she is pro-Romney, although that’s not lipstick you see, but Susie  has drawn blood from biting her lip. Cenk reminds Susie of some uncomfortable truths about the sainted Ronald Reagan. If not for the illegal arms sales, the conservative icon would be considered a raving liberal today. Really, who would be illegal workers amnesty other than a bleeding heart liberal!

TeaPartyReport: Susie interviews a liberal immigrant Cenk Uygur.