Tea Party Report Susie Sampson: Thanksgiving Immigration and Why Love/Hate Romney?

Tea Party Report Humor: Susie Sampson talks to people on the street about why Romney lost, where did the Indians immigrate from, and what are we really celebrating on Thanksgiving?
Intrepid Susie Sampson sallies forth again,to take the chilly post election temperature of the man (and woman) on the street. Republicans continue to wonder how Romney could have lost – after all, they took precautions! Their bizarre reasons for liking The Mitt are only surpassed by their oddball criticism and suspicions of President Obama.   In’ Eerie Thanksgiving Opinions I Have Heard,’  Susie asks ordinary-appearing people what they think of this holiday which celebrates the arrival of yet more immigrants in the U.S…The Indians!  Did Native Americans…Or Indians come from India? Someone is more confused than Columbus!  Their answers cause me to wonder what type of glue  those ‘ordinary people’ used long ago to fashion the traditional construction paper Indian headdress and Pilgrim hat, favored by third graders in honor of the very first  Thanksgiving?