Team Trump’s Defenses for Don Jr’s Emails Grow More Bizarre – Seth Meyers

Team Trump's Defenses for Don Jr's Emails Grow More Bizarre - Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers takes a rollicking look at the Trump administration’s bizarre excuses for their behavior amid bombshell revelations about Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with the Russians. Mind…Donnie Jr’s excuses have changed four times in as many days. Most recently, Junior excused his meeting with the Russian attorney saying: “It was fine because it happened before the current Russian fever was’ in vogue.’” ‘In vogue’ as if we’re talking about a return of men’s platform shoes, or the latest fashion don’t – a ‘romp-him.’

Having returned from France, Donald Senior experienced sheer bliss, while sitting in the cab of a fire engine and when trying on a cowboy hat at a later function. You’ll recall when Trump sat in the cab of an 18-wheeler, pretending to drive and blow the horn. Seth Meyers sums Trump up perfectly. As with being president,“Trump just wants to make believe.” Seth speculates that maybe Trump is trying to be ALL of the Village People before his term is up. Lawmakers plan to escalate the investigation, so Trump had better fill in his remaining Village People characters soon.