TeaPartyReport DNC 2012: Clinton, Lesbians & Crazies…Victoria Jackson!

TeaPartyReport: Susie meets crazies and lesbians and Clinton Oh MY at DNC
Susie Sampson reports back from the DNC with tales of “lesbians, and liberals, and Clinton, oh my!” Staunch Tea Party gal that she is – <wink>  our Susie talked with a great cross-section of attendees, most of whom were diverse, upbeat and positive.

Of course, protesters were in evidence as well. Thank goodness Victoria Jackson was there to ‘pray for the Democratic Party.’ You won’t believe what they’ve done in God’s face! Even more unlikely is Jackson’s ramble about ‘homosexual adoption’ and how emotionally confused and scarred whe would be today had she grown up in such a home. Imagine it! Also check out Jackson’s human billboard idea. Just grab a marking pen and with a lot of exposed flesh, you are the message!