TeaPartyReport: Real people comment on dynamic duo Paul Ryan & Romney


Intrepid reporter Susie Sampson, again takes  to the streets the better to take the pulse of (heaven help us) the average voter. Hang on as your fellow Americans give us the results of their exhaustive critical thinking regarding Obama vs Romney and Ryan.

I – for one, learned that folks may forget where they left their car keys, but completely false Republican talking points stick like glue. Just last week Paul Ryan stated that President Obama was raiding Medicare to give to the poor and the lazy. You’ll hear that quote repeated verbatim by a passing authority in Susie’s report…Okay, you’ll hear that one as well as the secret of Obama’s cave-dwelling brother, both stories equally daft, but the former came from the Great Republican Vice Hope, and had the FOX seal of approval, so it must be true – and well worth memorizing.

TeaPartyReport: Susie asks scary voters why they like Romney or Obama