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Ten things that change when you are drunk video, FOD

being drunk videoSpeaking of talking to your dog… Having a toddler can be confusing to your dog as the language we use for both babies and toddlers is the same language we use with our dogs. So any communication with the child brings two interested parties front and center. I have found that they both instinctively know the word COOKIE.

Of course these ten examples are in the LITE category. Here are the 10 more serious things that change when you are drunk

1) Waking up in Jail.
2) Telling your spouse all the people you slept with.
3) Peeing in your pants.
4) Throwing up on everybody.
5) Spending $5000 to deal with a DUI.
6) Falling off a boat.
7) Getting clothless at the Christmas party.
8) Make a pass at one of you spouses parents.
9) Telling your boss to BITE ME.
10) Getting beat up.

Did I miss any?


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