The American Eagle leaves the NRA, Englehart cartoon

American Eagle leaves the NRA

I have a question. What KIND of person is it who when they see the pictures o

f 20 six year old’s who were torn to shreds by a AR15 assault rife using half a dozen 30 round clip magazines, not only immediately goes to a gun store and buys as many AR15s and 30 clips as they can afford, AND waits for the media to come by so they can brag about it. What KIND of a person is that. And how many of them are there.

I can’t even look at a picture of any of those kids, or the flowers, or now the graves, I can’t do it. I have to shut it off.


  • Muy Groso

    You miss the point. To at least try to break our violent gun culture for the next generation.
    As with most anything, we can’t stop it all, but good people can at least make an effort to slow it down.
    This is just another example of why the Republicans lost the election and will keep losing elections.

  • They may not “Take delight in the deaths of all those children and the adults too” but their reactions have been disconcerting to say the least! Within the past week I’ve seen several pro-gun advocates defending their cause. The one thing that several other people noticed as well was the cavalier attitude as they spoke of ‘blowing off an attackers’ head.’ Splat! (and variations) The way they talked was as detached as if they were describing a video game, and not pulling a trigger calculated to take the life of another human being, and all that the act entails – for the victim and the shooter. Most trained professionals don’t speak of taking a life as if it’s the reward for years of target shooting, with no emotional repercussions. Of course the natural thing is to protect oneself and others…Don’t misunderstand me, but it isn’t an act that grown men should minimize!
    There’s something wrong. On a map of every country in the world, including those which are in the midst of overthrow and violence, only the US stands out as THE most armed country in the world, and the ‘safety’ we’ve purchased? Each year we average approx. 31-32000 deaths from gun-related injuries…But it took the deaths of these babes and their heroic teachers to get our collective attention.

    • I have nothing against private property owners, churches, school campuses, etc. being gun free. But a criminal will not respect that. And there are other ways to commit mass murder. Timothy McVeigh wasted 167 people using fertilizer and some other commercially available ingredients. And you can make a deadly weapon out of anything. Just ask any prison guard.

      • rackjite

        Gee, none of the shooters were criminals before they became shooters. So what you said MEANS NOTHING. Good of you to mention McVeigh though, because that is the KIND of person that drives this gun madness. And it is madness. Step across our border into ANYWHERE and it look back at the gun madness. Its foul, its disgusting, its what drives THE gun violence, its stupid, and Republican. On and its SICKENING.

  • Lt:

    You may not think it necessary for those gun enthusiasts to keep arsenals in their homes, but this incident has stirred a fervor among those who would place more restrictions on firearms. Hence the scramble to acquire guns. Maybe the gun buyers are paranoid and overdoing it a bit. But I find it hard to believe that they take delight in the deaths of all those children and the adults too. Their bragging and gloating is aimed at lawmakers whom they see as holier than thou and who have the nerve to decide what kind of weopons they can own. It’s their way of thumbing their noses. All lawmakers are subject (and always should be) subject to being told to [expletive] off, regardless of party. That’s a good thing. It reminds them who’s boss.

    • rackjite

      The people you mention are violent paranoid Right-wing morons who are almost as bad as the shooters. In fact many of the shooters come from that very culture. Columbine, Batman, this one and his mother. They have body armor and cammo, and masks and are INTO the gun culture.

      I have nothing against violent paranoid right-wing morons other than I don’t want them running the friggin show! Or in charge of one of the two parties which is the case today. There is no reason for these kind of weapons or clips or loopholes other than to make money for the gun manufactures, to play to violent paranoid right-wing morons, Ted nugent comes to mind, and to allow insane murderers to tear apart as many children as they can in the least amount of time.

    • Alright then. Any person crazy and determined enough to commit mass murder will not respect any gun free zone…even before he becomes a criminal.