The Big Gun Store Ad, Chelsea Handler

The Big Gun Store Ad, Chelsea HandlerI spent many hours driving around with one of them there damn foreigners in my car helping them push their products to my customers.

All day in the car, breakfast, lunch, dinner and shared motel rooms led to a lot of talking. [All of them could speak several languages fluently.] Mostly they were from Sweden, England, Italy and Germany.

There were four things about America they just could not grasp. The guns, the preachers, the visible poverty and restaurant prices. The last one found me seldom if ever stuck with the bill.

Guns are so much fun that we here in America will allow 100 people PER DAY to be shot rather than make even the most sensible rules.

I wonder who many members of the Klan, the Neo Nazis, the White Supremacists and anti-Semites are also members of the NRA?