The Daily Show, Antifa violence only gives Trump a boost

The Daily Show, Antifa violence only gives Trump a boostAs many Americans found out last November we are a nation of drunken Palins, so only simple soundbites, cliches and chants have any effect on most voters. When Anti Fascists hide in black hoods and club people and break stuff, Trump and the GOP can not only claim, but believe Anti Fascist are worse than Nazis.  The deeper issues of morality, fascism, racism and genocide are beyond their intellectual capacities. That being the case…


What Antifa does only gives them the win, almost as bad as 30 year of Political Correctness has.

What worked?

Non violent work to free India, non violent work to give women the vote, non violent work to get to the voting rights and civil rights acts, non violent work to give gays equal protection under the law and now even winning the fight for the transgender.

What did not work?  The violence of the 1968 Democratic convention. We were winning, the enlightenment of the Sixties was in motion, progress on the horizon until it all went South in just a couple days ending in a backward conservative hegemony for fifty years resulting in giving us an incompetent, egomanical, nasty, stupid, racist, know nothing buffoon as President of the United States.


The worst thing in the world is violence. And here in Palin America it is represented and celebrated by our gun culture. A violent explosion in your face with a second violent explosion down the way.

And it was the Alt Right, the Nazis, the Klan and the racist that intimidate others with their rallies with guns, not Antifa.