The Donald, a Duck meltdown

The Donald, a Duck meltdown

What’s missing in this money shot of a cartoon is the action, the sound and the fury! So here that is, Donald Duck in Anger Management [1938]

Sure this cartoon is a good fit. Bring up the question of how do we actually know we have a buffoon as President? Let’s take this Donald Duck idea to encompass all of cartoon land to prove the point.

Obama-like Cartoon characters:

Uncle Remus
Cleveland Brown

Trump-like Cartoon characters:

Elmer Fudd
Donald Duck
Scrooge McDuck
Wiley Coyote
Fred Flintstone
Stewie Griffin
Yosemite Sam
Captain Hook
Mr Burns
Daffy Duck
Porky Pig
Foghorn Leghorn
Snidley Whiplash
Homer Simpson
Peter Griffin