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‘The Godd Couple’Pope Francis & Pope Benedict. Felix & Oscar Share the Vatican: Jimmy Kimmel

'The Godd Couple'Pope Francis & Pope Benedict. Can Felix & Oscar Share the Vatican?  Jimmy Kimmel

Pope Francis had barely settled into his cushy new crib at the Vatican, believing that  he was the only Pope in residence, as is customary.  Chimes rang, and when the Vatican doors creaked open,  Pope Benedict was revealed with bag and baggage, and nowhere else to go – so he says.   See what  happens when two polar opposite Pontiffs share a home, one a slob, the other a  neurotic neat freak. Will Francis civilize Benedict, or will the former’s ‘honking’ cause Benedict to commit a mortal sin?   What of the weekly poker game with the Cardinals and Sisters of Perpetual Vigilance?  Watch ‘The Godd Couple’ and find out.  Coming soon:  The pair of pontiffs work out their problems in a sordid and  painful two hour movie, “Pope Springs.”

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