The Greatest Trump Tweet of All Time! Daily Show

The Greatest Trump Tweet of All Time! Daily Show Jordan Klepper and Roy Wood Jr open the envelope to what 6 million people voted as the best Donald Trump Tweet of all time.

“Are you allowed to impeach a president for gross incompetence?”

And hey, no spelling errors! Or a “bigly” or a “huge” or a “terrific!”

But time rolls on and I am sure The Donald will soon beat his own record.  In fact just yesterday he blamed President Obama for gassing children in Syria. Oops. Sorry. That wasn’t a tweet, it was live at a press conference. Do we have to keep this contest to just tweets? How about all the great one liners The Donald made during the campaign?

So what will The Donald do about Syria? Russia is the ally of Assad. It was a Russian plane that dropped the gas. Putin is the best foreign friend of The Donald. Bomb or shoot down Russian planes in and around Syria? Troops on the ground?

The reason President Obama let Assad cross the red line was because the vast majority of Americans, including The Donald said NO. No more invasions in the Middle East, no more wars, no more American lives.

But The Donald could care less what the vast majority of Americans think or have to say. He is overdue for another political rally full of his cultists to make him feel loved.