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The Gun Industry’s Killing in Killing – Betty Bowers

The Gun Industry's Killing in Killing - Betty Bowers

America’s Best Christian™, Mrs Betty Bowers, congratulates the Gun Manufacturers of America at their sales celebration for turning trumped up paranoia and dead school children into wildly profitable stock returns.

To those who complain that Betty’s timing in posting this gun message was tactless, she has this to say;
“In deference to you “too soon” folks, I was going to wait until a day not close to a mass shooting (or the anniversary of one) to release it – until I realized that no such day exists in America anymore.”

With tongue-in-cheek, Betty her addresses  the gun industry, and in part – congratulates them for the role paranoia plays in selling their product. While Americans fear terrorists, and paranoia sells guns, the fact is that you are five times more likely to be killed by an American with a gun, than by a foreigner with a grudge. Statistics prove that those who are coming to get us – are us!

If you’re looking to  lawmakers for protection, consider this: “Those who think God is wrathful, have never crossed the NRA.”

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