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The I SUCK Donald Trump bumper sticker and fascism

The I SUCK Donald Trump bumper sticker and fascismA Spanish version of that would sell well I bet, which would be CHUPO, and one word is always better than two.

But that is not why I gathered you all together here today, rather it is that the back half of this video made a point for me.

I have been reading quite a bit of late about neo-fascism on the move around the world. Putin, Kim un Jong, Rodrigo Duterte and Austria defeating a fascist by less than a point the other day, while here we have Donald Trump who says he likes Jong and Putin because the are great leaders and winners! Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo were winners too! For awhile anyway. One think you can’t get around is that one day winners lose.

Now that we have this neo-fascism going on right in front of us now  24/7 for a year it’s easy to see how it works.

First of all comes the salesman, the closer who understands well that human nature is about emotions rather than facts. As long as they tell people want they want to hear, they can get away with all the lies and sillyass crap they want. Facts do not matter at all. Facts come from smart people who cannot be trusted like a salesman can.

Secondly the tie that into the jingo, patriotism mixed with short emotional phrases with endless repetition of the STRONG, the WINNING, the FATHERLAND, the MOTHERLAND, and the PAST GREATNESS.

But at it’s core the main attraction is putting ones’ personal, economic and political failure on those  who have nothing to do with it,  upon the other color, the other religion, the immigrants, the poor and the foreigners.

All my problems are because of some group I don’t like now and never liked before, and what Trump and company manage to do so easily is celebrate that notion to cheering, foot stomping, flag waving, chanting nitwits.

And you know, we all have people close to us like that who we have little choice in accepting, liking and and loving. As such we also have little choice in understanding these are not bad or evil people, but just ignorant.  And what makes them so ignorant?  I have very many very smart and informed friends who never went to college or read a lot of books. That can’t be it?

Every one of them are stuck in a bubble of Evangelical poo, AM Talk Radio, Fox News, Drudge, Newsmax et al… Those really are the things that have created our present division that goes beyond anything since the Civil War.

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