The Media Falls for Trump’s Syria Stunt – Keith Olbermann

The Media Falls for Trump's Syria Stunt - Keith Olbermann

Trump’s big publicity stunt over the weekend accomplished nothing good for the people of Syria, but for Trump who usually isn’t quick on the uptake, it was a powerfully teachable moment.Trump launched $94 Million worth of missiles at a Syrian airbase, yet claims he planned to leave the runway untouched and fully operable. This tactical puzzle isn’t the only reason the media should be questioning Trump, but some have selected Instead to rave about Trump’s leadership. There must be a legal limit on this one, but again – he has “become presidential.”

Lousy journalism aside, just as rats in a scientific study learn quickly to press  a lever to obtain food, Trump learned that his faux attack – not only distracted people from unpleasant issues, but paid off in the prestige, praise and adulation he craves. Like the rat who will continue to press the lever, Trump will be performing his ‘trick’ again to receive the reward he craves above all else.

As an added bonus, Eric Trump verified what we all know today. The young Trumpling made it known that the attack proves that his dad and Putin aren’t in cahoots.   Subtle…It’s the Trump touch.