The Republican economy REALLY IS based upon taking from the poor and giving to the rich, Auth Cartoon

GOP Debt paid by poor

All the words you hear from Republicans that have anything to do with the economy are wholly and completely based upon taking money from the poor, the working poor, wage earners, the old, the sick and believe it or not, even our children. Fiscal cliff, debt, deficit, job creators, taxes, dependency, entitlements all mean the same thing.  Make life more miserable for those on the edge while shifting more wealth to the wealthy and very wealthy.

Where are the Republican cuts coming from? It sure isn’t the close to a trillion a year in military spending. Sure they may talk a good game of  raising  the age for Social Security and even privatizing it, while they dabble in making Medicare harder on seniors, but the reality is that other than White middle age men, Seniors are the GOPs only wining demography. So the debt and deficit must be paid for on the backs of those who have the least, work the hardest and live on the edge. Taking away Medicaid, foot stamps, unemployment comp, housing, unions and  etc. Compensated for by the GOP helping put a gun shop (pawn) and a liquor store on every corner.