The Texas Bay Area Citizen: Larry Reams Letter, The Onion or The Taliban?

larry reams tea party clear lake
Clear Lake Tea Party process committee, Larry Reams seated Left

The Texas Bay Area Citizen is published by Brenda Miller-Fergerson and edited by Jim Molony. We recently received this Letter to the Editor in The Citizen and graphic which was forwarded to us this morning. Believe it or not this publication is not in competition with THE ONION, or is the author of the letter being sarcastic, this is the Real Texas Tea Party thing.

Letters to the Editor: November 13, 2012

God vs.Government

America woke up November 7 to the absolute documented proof, that the majority of Americans now worship at the feet of Barack Obama and big government as opposed to the feet of God Almighty. And there will be hell to pay — literally.

About a month ago I submitted a Letter To The Editor saying that my gut told me Romney would win and that my gut had been right in every presidential election since 1960. That string is now broken in the most critical election in my life time. The anti-God democrat party prevails again. On top of that, three more states approved gay marriage and two approved legalization of pot. God has been sending America message after message that we’re on the wrong track, not His path, yet we refuse to listen. He destroyed ancient Israel when they followed this path. We also proved that the soap box, the jury box, and the ballot box will not solve America’s problem. I strongly suspect the ammo box will come into prominence over the next four years.
If God does not destroy us outright and allows us to destroy ourselves, I suspect we’ll wake up early some Wednesday morning in 2016 to see Mr. Obama celebrating his second re-election for a third term in office. In the interim taxes will go up, poverty levels will go up, welfare rolls will go up, unemployment will go up, medical care costs will go up, dependence on government will go up, the market will go down, our self-reliance will go down, our military readiness will go down, property values will go down, the quality of health care will go down, and our national and state sovereignty will evaporate.
And at some point we’ll have a new “modern” Constitution shoved down our throats and we’ll become a nation of men, not a nation of laws. The 58.7 million who voted for Mr. Obama (with IQ’s somewhere around 60) are complicit in our demise as are our weak-kneed RINO Members of Congress who are too politically correct to mount a comeback. True Patriots are about to be tested unlike any time since 1776. Will we respond the same way?
May God have mercy on us.
Larry Reams

That Tea Party Larry Reams believes 95% of African-Americans, 72% of Hispanics, 70% of Asians, 68% of single women, 53% of all women – and of course you – and I have IQ’s at around 60 goes without saying. After all, Larry speaks for God. Even declaring that President Obama will destroy the constitution to become our Fuhrer in 2016 is standard fare for Tea Party rhetoric. But it is his two references “AMMO BOX” and “1776” solutions that makes it all so much more Texican. BTW, since the election was over, many Romney/Ryan yard signs here in Texas have been replaced with “PRAY FOR OUR NATION” yard signs. Which is much the same as Mr Reams sign off of “May God have Mercy on us.”

The Nevada Tea Party coined the phrase “SECOND AMENDMENT SOLUTION” after Obama was elected the first time. I like Texas “AMMO BOX SOLUTION” better. Has a better Texas twang to it. And sure beats the heck out of  SHOOT THE BLACK GUY AND EVERYONE WHO VOTED FOR HIM.

Sure we see these kind of comments all over the internet all the time, but seldom do we see them published in print in a family newspaper delivered n our lawns. Which is the reason I wanted to share this with all my fellow morons, idiots and imbeciles.

I took the time to relate this little local story as a way to warn my millions of readers living outside the great state of Texas that you had better get ready. Hold on to your hats, fasten your seat belts, make sure your airbags are in working order, because we are sending Ted Cruz to the United States Senate. A self proclaimed no compromise Texas Tea Party ideologue who I am sure is the darling of Larry Reams and company. BTW, for all the accolades Senator Elect Cruz enjoys with the newspapers and people of  Texas, there is one happy fact. Ted Cruz was born in Canada (or was it Kenya) so he cannot be President.  Well, unless Larry Reams becomes President and usurps the US Constitution in his Taliban takeover of America.

11 Replies to “The Texas Bay Area Citizen: Larry Reams Letter, The Onion or The Taliban?”

  1. Why is it that when we elect a Republican President, all is right with the world and God is in his heaven; yet let a Democrat win, and we are ‘worshiping at his feet?” As idolators we deserve what we get – ‘ammo box solutions!”

    1. You’ve been watching Fox! You understand completely. You remember when Newt Gingrich & Fox advocated a “no-fly” zone in Libya? The next day President Obama announced it & that night it was an “unwarranted abuse of power”.

      It’s only wrong when a Democrat does it.

  2. Thank you Lt.,

    Both for the structure change & the compliment. In the old days with T’Child, he’d have us going with 3 or 4 different conversations in the same thread. I’d get lost or overlook something he’d added 50 posts ago.

    The compliment is appreciated but unwarranted. The Guys at the Homeless Shelter and the Women running the Soup Kitchen, put me to shame every day.

  3. Bubba,

    I’m not sure where your comments leave off & Mr. Reams’ begin but I’m having problems reconciling:

    “Lesson #1: When you can’t refute an argument with truth and fact, attack the messenger.” Paragraph 4


    “America to this new national demography of [delete], [delete], queers and sluts” Paragraph 1 (your deletions or the Lt.’s?)

    “Obama says he’s a Christian. Communists (aka progressives, statists, socialists, Marxists) lie;” Paragraph 9

    “Barack Obama is a communist;”

    But most of all Mr. Reams assumes the accuracy of claims certainly in dispute if not demonstrably false.

    “Barack Obama is a communist;”
    “The Democrat Party is controlled by the communists.”
    “Conservatives and true Christians are the only thing that stands in the way of a dictatorship”
    “he (President Obama)is also an uncharged felon for releasing a proven forged official government document to the public – his birth certificate.”

    Do you really believe this stuff?

    Are you living in the same reality I am?

    1. Now see DB? What religion does to brains… That is your brain on religion. 🙂
      Oh, and did you notice?
      I changed the order, newest first AT YOUR REQUEST! 🙂
      Anything to please the only good Christian in America!

  4. Larry Reams has doubled down on his Letter to the Editor after a few liberal whiners cried to their Mommas’. Rack here thinks it’s an ABOMINATION to print how most Texans and Southerners feel about giving America to this new national demography of [delete], [delete], queers and sluts. Here is the Larry Reams letter in response to the mud people.

    Reams responds to critics

    To the critics of my Letter to the Editor, Nov. 18; God vs Government. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Collectively, your comments are revealing and gives me an opportunity for a civics lesson.

    Two critics’ comments are easy to dispatch; Mr. Cobarruvias and Mr. Johansen. Lesson #1: When you can’t refute an argument with truth and fact, attack the messenger. Neither of these gentlemen addressed my point, that God has taken a back seat to Mr. Obama and big government, at least for 62+ million of us, so they attack me. One even attacked The Citizen for printing it. Freedom of speech and freedom of the press gets in the way of the agenda of the Left.

    Lesson continued: Paint the messenger as an “extremist,” as “incoherent,” as “offensive,” “shocking,” “radical conservative fringe,” “hate and threats of violence,” and “outright dangerous.” If you believe in the Constitution as written, you’re an extremist. If you believe in the “living constitution” you’re OK.

    Of course the rules constantly change to fit and agenda and the ruling party with a living constitution. You eventually become a nation of men and not a nation of laws. I am an extremist to the same degree these three critics vote Republican.

    For the record I threatened no one with violence. I merely pointed out that the ammo box was necessary in 1776, a historical fact, and I asked the rhetorical question – would it be necessary again?

    Fact: After Obama’s 2008 election, the sell of guns and ammunition increased dramatically. After his win in 2012, sales shot up again to record highs. Mr. Obama is the best guns and ammo salesman America has ever seen. So, I’m not alone in my thinking.

    Ms. “Sour Grapes:” You do at least address some specific points, but your comments are far too many for me to address all of them. The Citizen would never print a two volume set, so, only a few. Yes, Obama says he’s a Christian. Communists (aka progressives, statists, socialists, Marxists) lie; they have to or they’d be destroyed. What he says and what he does are different. Christians don’t play class warfare and divide a nation so as to conquer it. Christians don’t attack the Catholic Church and Catholics for their position on abortion and abortion aids. They don’t advocate abortion, especially late term abortion. They don’t decide to ignore DOMA, the law of the land, because it goes against their beliefs.

    Obama has placed himself above the law. Christians don’t advocate gay marriage. They don’t repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in the military. It’s been the rule of the armed forces since George Washington, for good reason. And sexual assaults are now on the rise. All of these are anti-God, anti Biblical. Yes Mr. Obama ask the DNC to put God back in the platform. Another lesson: Mislead or redirect the argument so as to enhance your position.

    What was not said by Ms. sour grapes was that God had been in the DNC platform for probably 100 years and suddenly taken out by Obama minions. He asked to put it back in. But the floor voice vote was a vote to NOT put it back in as anyone listening could easily hear. The DNC booed God in front of the whole world at their convention. It’s not a Godly party.

    Other points: The DOW dropped 295 points on Nov. 7 when the markets knew Obama won. On Nov. 30, it’s still 202 points below the opening bell Nov. 7. Obama may be able to BS voters but not the markets. Conservatives didn’t resist Obama because he was black. Another lesson: paint your detractors as racist. Conservatives resist Obama because of for far too many reasons to list here, none of them racism. Just look at his qualifications coming into office, ZERO, and his track record after four years of on-the-job-training–abysmal. He has NOT brought the Constitution to ALL peoples. He has shredded it, again, too many instances to list here.

    Constitutionalists see a grave danger to our Republic, a fact ignored by the Left. (For the record, I am married to the same Hispanic woman for 44 years now and my daughter’s godparents are black. I am not racist.) But, all those who voted for him because he IS black, are.

    The final lesson (for the whole community): Google the “Communist Manifesto,” or “Communist Party USA,” or “Communist Goals For Taking Over America.” For those who truly seek truth and fact over political rhetoric and a smooth talking president, it is revealed here.

    Also take the time to research the eventual outcome. There have been no exceptions to this outcome since time began – dictatorship, tyranny, self-destruction, re-birth / revolution. Even Pravda is warning America. There are 45 goals, read into the Congressional Record in 1963, the year JFK was assassinated by a communist sympathizer. Here’s just a few of them, abbreviated. Compare them to the agenda of the Democratic Party and the state of our Nation today: abolition of private property (Kelo Supreme Court decision); abolish all religion and all morality; abolish countries and nationalities (sovereignty); a heavy progressive or graduated tax system (make the wealthy pay a little bit more–fairness); centralize credit in the hands of the state or national bank system (Federal Reserve); promote the UN and One World Government (Agenda 21); capture one or both political parties (DNC); use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions; get control of schools and teacher’s unions; advocate “diversity” as a way of weakening individuality; infiltrate the press; eliminate laws governing obscenity; break down cultural standards; infiltrate churches; eliminate prayer and religious phrases in schools (US Supreme Court, June 17, 1963); discredit the American Constitution and Founding Fathers; discourage the teaching of history; support any movement to give centralized control to the government (Department of Education, EPA, NLRB, Obamacare, Department of Energy, welfare system); gain control of the unions (SEIU and others); discredit the family as an institution (DOMA not enforced, gay marriages; rampant divorce rates); plus many more.

    All have been accomplished or well underway. All reflect the goals of the DNC right now. To deny otherwise is willful ignorance or complicity.

    Barack Obama is a communist; raised by communists, taught by communists, practices communist doctrine daily – fact! Communist are anti-God no matter what he says. They want government to rule supreme. He was openly supported by CPUSA in 2008, again in 2012, and they are openly and happily celebrating his re-election this very minute, fact! Look it up. The Democrat Party is controlled by the communists. Anyone who can’t see that, or lives “in denial,” as I was accused of, is part of the problem.

    Our Constitution gives you that right until you cross the line into treason. Obama has probably already crossed that line (Libya and Benghazi; Fast and Furious.) And did I mention, he is also an uncharged felon for releasing a proven forged official government document to the public – his birth certificate. Character matters. Obama is void of character.

    Why don’t I “join groups like Obama supporters with higher IQs?” (Ms. Sour Grapes). Because I am not a communist! Neither am I politically correct. Conservatives and true Christians are the only thing that stands in the way of a dictatorship, and those who worship false gods (Obama, big government, lack of individual responsibility) either can’t see it or don’t care. Intellectual elitists are so “smart,” they’re stupid. Have a nice day.

    Larry Reams
    Clear Lake

  5. And the paper itself runs columns by John Whitehead. Rutherford Institute head. The guy who was Paul Jones lawyer initiating the impeachment of President Clinton. Rutherford Institute is also the legal arm of Christian Reconstructionism and Rousas John Rushdoony. Christian Reconstructionism is about REPLACING the constitution with Biblical Law. Being gay is a capital crime. Prison for heresy. Its the Taliban.

  6. Uh….it is obvious that the writer (and the editor who approved this letter) forgot about the years 2000-2008 under George Bush where poverty, welfare, unemployment, medical care costs, dependence upon government actually went up, the stock market lost nearly 50% of its value, our housing market crashed, and our military was stressed with 2 wars. Under President Obama, all this was turned around and tax rates were lowered even more! This writer is obviously blind with hate.

    1. Mr Reams sure makes Clear Lake, the Tea Party, Texas, Christians and Republicans look like crap. Perhaps that is why the newspaper printed it.

  7. Seems about par for the course. I bet Larry said the same thing about Bill Clinton, and how he was helping to plan a UN invasion, and that the stickers on the backs of freeway signs were secret symbols for the troops to follow…

    In four years Obama will be out and someone else will be in but I am willing to bet that Larry will be convinced that the next Democratic president will finally fulfill this prophecy of doom!

    By the way, Larry, if God didn’t punish us for Manifest Destiny or slavery I think he may be cool with weed and gay dudes.

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