THE woman for Mitt Romney, Selma Blair

THE woman for Romney, selma blairAnd if you are a female airhead who loves the GOP more than yourself, then get your dumbass over to the real deal, WOMEN FOR MITT and sign up! Nothing stupid women like more than having the government make their reproductive decisions for them. It was what Freedom and Liberty really mean to Republicans. Next thing you know we will be seeing GAY MAN FOR ROMNEY and BLACK PEOPLE FOR ROMNEY. It’s a mad mad mad mad world.

Hold it… Minorities, gays and women could not possibly be for Mitt Romney or the GOP. It is something more. It is not love of conservatives, it is hatred of liberals that drives this crap. For as you well know, liberals are better educated, smarter, more popular, thinner and better looking than conservatives which is just a cross to big to bear for them.