Tiger Moms, Dr. Phils Hot Sauce Mom faces child abuse charges

Before "Tiger Mom" appeared in the public eye, 36-yr-old Jessica Beagley drew the wrath of Americans. Her appearance in November on the ‘Dr Phil’ show also captured the attention of authorities who have just charged the Anchorage woman with misdemeanor child abuse.

The home video of her hateful and cruel treatment of the young child is too difficult for many to watch, and doesn’t include the extra punishments of jumping jacks until the child collapses. Why did the couple adopt two young Russian twin boys? The two Mormons had four children by birth at the time, and obviously were overwhelmed and lacking in parental skills.

Psychiatrists believe the emotional scarring from this kind of abuse can cause PTSD, and is often found in the background of career criminals. If convicted, the Russian Commissioner of Childrens Rights will remove the children and take them back to Russia.