Today’s Rackit, Feb 7, 2009

Non Partisan Silliness

I got in a bit of trouble last year with my fellow bloggers by sticking with Hillary. I did so because of Obama’s naïve belief that conservatives could be dealt with in a kind and gentle non partisan manner. After 8 years in the White House, Hillary knew better, that the only way to deal with conservative Republicans is with a poke in the eye and kick in the ass. Thank the Lord that it took President Obama only two weeks to figure that out.

My advice to the President and the Democratic leadership in congress is to look back to how Newt Gingrich, Tom DeLay and Dick Armey treated Democrats when they were running the show for a decade. If this congress and administration are as fair and non partisan as were the Republicans in Congress and the White House everything will be fair and fine.

Pot Makes for Good Swimming

Most certainly it was not the first time seven gold medal winner Mike Phelps smoked pot this past November at the University of South Carolina. Which of course means that smoking pot is not a deterrent to becoming the best swimmer in the world. And by extension, a deterrent to any sport or any damn thing at all. Well other than driving passenger trains and school buses.

The sheriff in North Carolina now wants to throw Phelps in jail for a picture of him smoking something!  War on Drugs gone CRAZY!

Subway Sandwiches did NOT toss Phelps out the door!  Hear! Here! I am switching my fast food provider to sandwiches that are good for me!