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Tonight Show Hashtags: Funny #MomQuotes: Jimmy Fallon

Tonight Show Hashtags:Funny #MomQuotes: Jimmy Fallon
Because Mother’s Day is Sunday, Jimmy Fallon issued a call for hash-tag #MomQuotes, and the twitter-sphere did not disappoint. People sent in funny tweets and quotes from their moms, and Jimmy selected a few of his favorites to read.

Anyone can mix up words under stress like ‘Booty call and butt dial’ for instance. It might even be cute under some circumstances. However, poor mom always seems to reap extra laughs or even embarrassment from her young…Simply for making a human mistake. I won’t even ‘go there’ as to how many of the most mirthful young might not be here but for a mistake that mom has graciously ‘forgotten.’   I believe there is a very long developmental stage called the “You embarrass me” phase. It often doesn’t end until your own offspring have kids of their own. Perhaps that’s why so many parents wish for grandchildren?

Maybe it’s because moms have to be superhuman, but when they make a mistake, it’s a very big deal! Is it any wonder that one mother, on a phone call with her offspring, said “I love you” – to the dog?

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