Top 15 Social Media Hook Up Sites : Facebook vs Craigslist?

Top 15 Social Media Hook Ups: Facebook vs Craigslist?

In the social and political sphere, social networking sites loom large. Today Susie Sampson interviews random social media users to discern which site is the favorite.

Admittedly some people use social media for one reason only, and we have a prime example in one of Susie’s more enthusiastic interviews. In fact, the gentleman in question appears to be advertising for Craigslist, which he declares to be the most expedient place to – frankly, hook up. A multi-site user, he also frequents Facebook and Instagram to locate ladies for casual social encounters.

Of course the social butterfly mentioned Facebook along with his other favorite sites, and he’s not alone. As of April 2014, a survey of the top 15 sites showed Facebook leading all other social networking sites with 900 million users.
Twitter followed with 310 Million,
Linkedin with 250 million,
Pinterest: 150 million,
Google Plus: 120 million,
tumblr.: 110 million, and
VK with 80 million, followed by  flickr, myspace, tagged,, meetup, meetme and classmates all with respectable followings.

Despite the highest of recommendations  from one of Susie’s volunteers, Craigslist wasn’t in the top 15. This only indicates that fewer people admitted using Craigslist, not that no one does use it to enhance their socializing online.

The man in the wheelchair, whom you’ll note is sporting a big bushy tail, a glossy coat and cat-like whiskers seems to be cautious to the point of paranoia. We’re left to wonder where he finds like-minded people, because the internet is decidedly not his cup of tea – or cream. The fluffy man warns; “Too many dangerous people out there with too many weird ideas.”

It seems that there is a place for everyone to socialize and share their interests online, especially if those interests can be conveyed in a photo.  We expect to see your selfies. We’re braced for your grandchildren, and you know we’ll envy your vacation shots, but why on earth does anyone send photos of a hamburger to their friends? I’m serious, I want to know. Please hurry though – this is one trend that is fading fast. In fact, it’s not too harsh to say that this one is now hated and reviled by many. I can only assume that once you’ve shared your own cheeseburger with millions, you soon lose interest in viewing the return portraits  of the Ceasar Salad, PBJ or Linguine that others are eating and immortalizing.