Trevor Noah eulogy for Fox News bigot, racist and sexist Bill O’Reilly

Trevor Noah eulogy for Fox News bigot, racist and sexist Bill O'ReillyIt’s not Fox News culture, it is Republican culture.

What will four million Bill O’Reilly / Donald Trump fans do now that [one down one to go] O’Reilly’s sexcapades finally caught up with him? What is the common denominator between the two? Simply put, they are both awholes. The biggest awholes in America. Or can you name anyone who has them beat Well besides Charles Manson and Bill Belichick.

So what are his fans to do at 8pm EST every night from now on? Tune in Chris Hayes? Watch that gay Anderson Cooper guy? Watch the new O’Tucker Factor? Gosh. Carlton Tucker back to back with Sean Hannity. Gee.

Perhaps the Trumpers will just turn the cable off and do more evenings with more beer, more meth, more morphine to make playing with their guns terrifically more fun.

And if you don’t understand that playing with guns in the woods is not about being Southern but about Southern Comfort, not about the Yukon, but Yukon Jack, not about turkeys but Wild Turkey and not about Jack and Jim but Jack Daniels and Jim Beam, you don’t know much about the rural attraction to guns.

Guns are fun. Bottom line. Been there done that.