Trump Demands to Ride in Queen’s Gilded Coach Just Like Cinderella – Keith Olbermann

Trump Demands to Ride in Queen's Gilded Coach Just Like Cinderella - Keith Olbermann

Trump is demanding to ride in Queen Elizabeth’s magnificent golden carriage when he visits Buckingham Palace in October…”Just like g*#$@ Cinderella” adds Olbermann by way of illustration. The British people love and  value their Queen,consequently law enforcement advises Trump to sensibly ride in a limo as Obama did, because the “risk factor is dramatically increased” if Trump rides in the carriage. The recommended course of action, is to use a specialized vehicle that is designed to be bomb and bullet proof. God save the Queen.  Trump’s golden shower in Russia may have harmed no one else, but this golden carriage ride demonstrates the narcissistic disregard for others that we all know so well.

Trump goes to great lengths to avoid protesters here at home, the better to maintain the illusion that he is universally loved and adored. Someone also censors what the Pumpkin Fuhrer sees,or he would think twice about riding in an open carriage. As early as January, an online petition in Britain quickly gathered a million signatures with the intention of keeping Trump out of their country. We tried that, and it failed too. If Trump persists in his demands to ride in golden splendor with the Queen, she will not be able to protect him from hearing hurtful slings and arrows of disapproval from the crowd. Now I’m torn about how I want this thing to turn out.