Trump fan Alex Downing being a Republican Trump fan, Padre Island, Texas

Republican Trump fan being a Republican Trump fan, Padre Island, Texas“TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT! MY PRESIDENT! I LOVE DONALD TRUMP!”

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Ah, memories of the Fall Trump rallies. I heard someone called these people “deplorable!” Tell me it isn’t so! We have to reach out to them, be nice and give them more guns.

But the point I would like to make about this video, though happening down here in Texas, that guy has Jersey [oops New Hampshire] dripping off him like doughnut glaze flakes off of Chris Christie. Which as serendipity would have it, is the biggest city nearby named in his honor. Corpus Christie. Where in the world is Chris Christie. Who was the second biggest loser in this last election?

Even before this guy opened his yap I knew he was not from Texas. Had he been there would have been a black pickup with a COME AND TAKE IT flag full of guns.

This hits on something I have been beating my head on the desk here for about 25 years. That the biggest failing of the The Media is their intentional or unintentional belief that people like this beyond deplorable nitwit do not number not in the hundreds from Vidor, Selma and Meterie, but in the tens of millions everywhere.

Perhaps the media has an excuse. Unlike myself they never bothered to talk to such people when they were drunk. Just hand them a sixpack or a bottle of Fireball, wait a spell, and say something nice about Obama or Hillary and what you see is what you get. 60 million of them.