Trump Gave Russians Classified Intel, Asked Comey to End Flynn Probe – Seth Meyers

Trump Gave Russians Classified Intel, Asked Comey to End Flynn Probe - Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at the White House playing damage control after bombshell reports about Trump sharing classified information with Russia and asking the FBI to drop investigations into his former National Security Advisor. After the past eight days of chaotic insanity, it is no wonder that constantly overwhelmed White House staffers, unable to deal with constant chaos, have literally taken to hiding in their offices…Or the bushes, in a pinch.

Trump’s past eight days: Monday – It was revealed that Obama warned Trump about Flynn. Tuesday – Trump fired Comey. Thursday – Trump admitted he fired Comey because of the Russian investigation. Friday – Trump threatened Comey with “secret” tapes. Saturday – The Justice Dept. began interviewing candidates for FBI Director. Yesterday – It was revealed that Trump gave his Russian pals highly classified information. Today – We learned that Trump asked Comey to shut down the FBI investigation into Flynn in February. As time goes on, we’re still learning that Republicans have a high tolerance for lunacy when it suits them.

The news that Trump showed off classified Intel to the Russians is particularly poignant in light of candidate Trump’s many loud rants regarding Hillary’s emails – evidence that she is unfit to be POTUS. Just everyone knows it takes no more than five emails to plan a wedding!

Trump’s own words about Hillary are proving to be prescient for himself; “This scandal is like…Watergate, only it’s worse.”