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Trump had a fun day stopping Obamacare payments to insurers

After the personal enjoyment of tearing children from brown mothers Donald Trump and rescinding Affirmative Action at universities [insuring there will be less black lawyers and educated black men and women] has now taken healthcare from millions of poor people, and as he sees it, mostly brown and black.

39 of the 40 “civilized” nations consider health care a human right, also about 100 other poor nations who do their best, and have some form of national health care for all.  Why is it in almost the entire world only Trump and Republicans will not accept that, or do it?

I know the answer. It  came to me in an epiphany some years ago while googling racial make ups of all the universal health care nations.  Australia had the most Negroes at 1.5% with us at 13%.

“I don’t want my hard earned tax money going to nwords and wetbacks.”

Yes, that IS IT. If fact Republicans have been trying to destroy Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare now since FDR and LBJ. It is who and what they are. It is in their DNA.

UPDATED: Trump freezes Obamacare payment program, leaving insurers scrambling

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