Trump is the MLK Jr of Healthcare – Is Bannon Gandhi?

Trump is the MLK Jr of Healthcare - Is Bannon Gandhi?

“Think of President Trump as the Martin Luther King Junior of healthcare.” With those words Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord managed to shock a nation that has grown inured to outrageous hyperbole and ‘fake news’ from the legions tens of ignorant spokes folks who tail Trump. Lord appeared on CNN this morning to debate Trump’s healthcare approach with political commentator Symone Sanders

In an effort to cripple Obamacare, Trump is threatening to withhold federal subsidies to health insurers that provide coverage to low-income customers, leaving approximately 24 million without health care.  In some inexplicable way Lord sees this action in the same light as the peaceful resistance led by MLK in the civil rights struggle.

Sanders did not share Lord’s view, and was only the first to express her outrage at Trump’s actions,and at the comparison of Dr. Martin Luther King, a peaceful humanitarian, a hero and Nobel Peace Prize winner, to “the vagina-grabbing Trump.”

Trump sees this action as a way to kill Obamacare, and as bargaining leverage – with human suffering as collateral damage…Just as Gandhi would have done. As you might guess, Lord also compares Gandhi to Trump. In better days, Lord might have reserved the Gandhi moniker for Steve Bannon.