Trump on Tax and Kim Jong-un, Matt Damon’s United Ad, Fate of the Furious – Jimmy Kimmel

Trump on Tax and Kim Jong-un, Matt Damon's United Ad, Fate of the Furious - Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue covers a lot of territory, but he first endeavors to help with Trump’s evident confusion regarding the name of North Korea’s leader.Trump is vague, continually referring to North Korea’s leader as ‘that gentleman’ to reporters. Worse yet, Trump has revealed that he believes North Korea is still led by the same ‘gentleman’ Bill Clinton dealt with during his administration. Jimmy provides visual aides. I hope Trump is watching, but Lil’ Kim should probably lie low just for now.

Matt Damon does a voice over for the new and improved United Airlines, which has changed their policy in response to the disastrous outing of a passenger last week. See how Kimmel and Damon’s running rivalry enters into even this arena.

On a special edition of Lie Witness News for Trump supporters, questions are put to them such as “What do you think about Trump letting John Wilkes Booth sleep in the Lincoln bedroom?” Seriously!  This question was posed to the family pictured.  To his credit, the father believes we should “let bygones be bygones.” Wonder no more, who could have voted for that man.

Finally YaYa reviews “The Fate of the Furious”  or, with his thick accent, it’s ‘the Fat of dat Fursauce, also starring Mark Wubba.