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Trump Plans HUGE Reality Show Inauguration – James Corden – video

Trump Plans HUGE Reality Show Innauguration - James Corden - video

. James Corden swears that if reality game show personality Omarosa Manigault swears Trump into office in January, he’s going back to England. However, with the plans being floated for Trump’s reality show inauguration, anything is possible. The comedian fit a boatload of reality show puns and jokes into his clever monologue tonight. Corden also mentioned a fledgling restaurant in Kurdistan, which goes by the name ‘Trump Fish.’ Noting Trump’s penchant for lawsuits, Corden quipped; ” They should have called it the Orange Lobster instead, adding – there are  no utensils you just grab whatever you want.”

Is it possible that a U.S. president is actually planning to turn his somber and historic inauguration into a crass ratings grab for his reality show?  The question is – or course, rhetorical. While Trump is much too busy to attend intelligence briefings, he has been meeting with Mark Burnett, producer of The Apprentice, Survivor and The Voice  to plan the inauguration ceremony.

The inauguration will be “simple, and about the people” claims Thomas Barrack, Jr. who heads Trump’s Presidential Inaugural Committee.  In keeping with understated elegance, Barrack describes the events which include “a parade up Fifth Avenue, a helicopter ride to Washington from New York that (and this is important) could hold the attention of millions of people expected to watch from around the world.”

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